Seven places in Ljubljana where autumn is at its most beautiful

Ljubljana in autumn is luxurious and glowing, as well as calm and melancholic. The beautiful colours of autumn leaves are usually shrouded by fog in the morning, and then illuminated by soft light. Leaves of bronze, copper, gold or some other precious colour rustle beneath our feet, with a blue sky traversed by flocks of migratory birds overhead. Trees are slowly taking on their autumn shades, keeping their spectacular colour for quite some time, as autumn in Ljubljana stretches from sunny September to the quite gloomy November. The events are also quite diverse. During this time, you can visit culinary events November Gourmet Ljubljana and Restaurant Week, as well as the Open Kitchen, while runners participate in the Ljubljana Marathon. We have selected some locations in Ljubljana where, in our opinion, autumn is at its most beautiful.

Along the Ljubljanica

Ljubljanica river, Ljubljana, Slovenija

A stroll along the Ljubljanica is beautiful at any hour, both in the morning, when the fog along the river makes the experience almost mystical, and in the middle of a sunny afternoon, when the classic beautiful features of golden autumn reveal themselves, and in the evening, when a sense of melancholy flows along the river.

Ljubljanica river, Ljubljana, Slovenija

River promenades are usually crowded and bars are filled with guests. Taking a stroll in autumn is even more pleasant than in summer or winter, as temperatures are much more agreeable.

Ljubljanica river, Ljubljana, Slovenija

As already mentioned, in October, you can already enjoy the Ljubljana fog. It generally persists until 10 or 11 AM, and is then followed by a beautiful sunny day. Of course, if it doesn’t rain.

Ljubljanica river, Ljubljana, Slovenija

We definitely recommend a stroll to the Gruber Canal, where you can find this picturesque bridge.

At the Central Market

Central MArket, Ljubljana, Slovenija

The Central Market in autumn is an experience in itself. The stalls buckle under the weight of late fruits, and the atmosphere is warm and homely despite the cold air.

Central MArket, Ljubljana, Slovenija

And the stalls are filled with autumn flowers. Like a colourful rug, flowers spreads across the ground, waiting for someone to buy it and take it to the grave of a loved one.

Central MArket, Ljubljana, Slovenija

And let’s not forget the little green houses selling chestnuts. They emanate the most intoxicating smell of autumn – the aroma of roasted chestnuts.

In Tivoli Park

Tivoli, Ljubljana

Tivoli Park in autumn offers a relaxing and peaceful stroll through the inspiring scenery of nature. Some trees are reminiscent of princesses who have thrown off their most luxurious dresses.

In Žale

Žale, Ljubljana, Slovenija

The passing and farewell we experience in nature is given a symbolic parallel in Žale. The beauty of Žale, particularly the section designed by Plečnik, wrapped in glowing yellow leaves, is something you should not miss.

At the Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana, Slovenija

At the Ljubljana Castle, you can view all the beauty of Ljubljana in autumn from above, and take a stroll along the wonderful chestnut avenue to the renovated ruins of the former city bastion – Plečnik’s Šance.

Along the Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship

Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship, Ljubljana, Slovenija

This green embrace of the city is planted with various trees, supposedly 7400 trees of almost fifty species, changing colour in their own way and their own rhythm. If you like to walk the entire 32.5-kilometre trail, you can enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn trees to your heart’s desire.

At Metelkova

Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Metelkova is always colourful and eclectic, and in autumn, when the colourful graffiti blend with the vibrant colours of trees, it turns into a real multi-coloured fireworks display.

Photographs: Denis Simčič


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