Ljubljana in flower

Ljubljana in flower. Photo credit: Denis Simčič

After a long and usually gloomy winter, snowy Ljubljana turns into a blossoming Ljubljana in March and April. The terraces are filled with locals and tourists basking in the sun, and intoxicating smells spread from the Odprta kuhna event on Pogačarjev trg – unless there is an epidemic in the city.

Plečnik’s Market.
Photo credit: Denis Simčič

Spring is certainly one of the most beautiful seasons of the city and photographers enjoy capturing the colourful scenes of the city’s sights caught in flowers, or reflections in puddles after April storms. After three or four winter months, when the sky above the city is covered with grey clouds and the buildings are shrouded in thick fog, in the spring the sun finally shines in the city and the atmosphere is usually gorgeous.

Botanic garden.

The first spring flowers appear in Ljubljana at the end of January and the beginning of February. We recommend a visit to the Botanical Garden, where fields of saffron and snowdrops will be awaiting you. Another, perhaps a little less known, but similar spot full of flowers, are the fields around the Savlje-Kleče settlement.

Ljubljanica River.

In March and April, the trees along the Ljubljanica river bloom and turn green and help create a beautiful atmosphere, so it pays to go a few kilometers on the water. The most beautiful flowering street in Ljubljana is probably Aljaževa in Šiška.

Aljaževa street.

The Japanese cherry orchard next to the Biotechnical Faculty is also beautiful. The place is called Ljubljana’s sakura, but it offers a white spring scenery, in the midst of which it is pleasant to rest.

Ljubljana’s sakura.

All of the city’s parks are full of budding greenery and flowers. The people of Ljubljana love spring and usually spend it outside – wandering around the city, sitting in parks, picnicking somewhere in the vicinity of the city or exercising on some of the hills around the city. Besides autumn, Ljubljana is probably at its most beautiful in the spring,  so it is worth experiencing either as a tourist or a local. For those who like to wander outside the city, we recommend a hike through the Ljubljana Marshes, where you will definitely come across an native marsh beauty called the Marsh Tulip.

The Marsh Tulip.




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